Paper Whites and Daffodil Narcissuses perennials?

Asked October 6, 2017, 12:52 AM EDT

Have purchased Paper White Narcissuses and Trumpet Daffodil Narcissuses Bulbs with no mention if they are perennials or not. Hoping they are! Have planted them this fall. Usually the package states that information but these did not. Please tell me they are perennials. Thanks,

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Paper Whites are bulbs used for 'forcing'. They are a type of narcissus that needs no chilling to sprout and bloom. They can be put in a tray of wet pebbles on the windowsill and will grow and bloom within a few weeks. If you can get them out, we'd suggest you do, because they are native to warmer climates and probably will not survive the winter.
We are not sure about the Trumpet bulbs. They may just be spring bulbs which will be just fine and bloom next year and in years after. The name is not specific enough for us to know.
You might check with the store where you bought them.
You might even be able to get them to give you new paperwhites if they didn't offer any growing information with them.