Mosquito control and loss of beneficial insects

Asked October 5, 2017, 11:08 AM EDT

What chemicals are applied by the mosquito and tick control companies? Would these also kill off beneficial insects? Could this lead to an infestation of aphids?

Baltimore Maryland

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You would need to ask them directly what the "active ingredient" of the product that they are using is. There are some larvacides that contain Bt, that are used in the still water where eggs are laid and squiggly larva develop that are totally non toxic.
These we like.
But sprays are likely are pyrethroids, and yes, many non-target organisms, including beneficial insects are impacted.
Some types of mosquitoes are difficult to contact as they rest in areas where the sprays don't normally reach, and so the other insect life is impacted but the mosquitoes remain.
We recommend habitat managment (dumping any standing water, including any that pools in old tires, playthings, pots or saucers) and personal protection from bites instead of spraying.
That said, the Maryland Department of Agriculture does help communities manage mosquito populations, and there is much information to be found on their website here: