My calla lillies did not bloom

Asked October 5, 2017, 8:50 AM EDT

I have had calla lillies that did not bloom the last two years. These are bulbs that I have saved over the winter period in my basement. The bulbs have been growing very well with vigoris and healthy leave growth but no blooms in summer. The bulbs have expanded where I have oodles of them for next year but am wondering if I should keep them if they don't flower

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1 Response

I don't know why your callas don't bloom. Are you growing them in full sun? Have you fertilized them with a fertilizer for blooming plants, like 5-10-5? Are the bulbs healthy and not shriveled? Did you remove the tiny bulbs from the main? Here is a link with a little more info. I would try one more time and replace them if they don't bloom next year.