Perennials and grasses on septic mounds

Asked October 4, 2017, 3:21 PM EDT

Hi there. I have looked at your u of m resources regarding this topic and the list of plants. I wanted to run some more plants by you for suitability or not. Karl Foerster Grass Pennisetum or Fountain Grass creeping phlox purple pink and white rudbeckia all types of coneflowers good or just purple? iris coreopsis gaillardia leucantheumum lupines salvia I have seen that sedum and asclepsias penstemon and monarda are good as well. Thanks for your help and I am in process of planting and felt like I did my homework. My guess is the forester grass is no good. Thanks! best regards Bob Hamilton Corcoran 303.886.4719 is my mobile number.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Choices for a septic mound thrive in dry soil, are shallow rooted and need little care. Karl Foerster needs to be divided every couple of years and needs more care than the grasses on the list from UMN. The native rudbeckia is best for the same reason. creeping phlox need more moisture and some shade from the heat of summer.
Here are some resources that you may not have seen. They may have some choices you haven't seen yet.