Ten year re-divide rule

Asked October 4, 2017, 3:07 PM EDT

I have purchased 10 acres resulting from a land division of 40 acres (resulting in 4 parcels). Does the 10 year rule mean I cannot re-divide my 10 acres for a period of 10 Yrs (I received 2 splits in the transaction)?

Kent County Michigan

1 Response

The answer depends, in part, on whether the 40-parcel is a parent parcel under the Land Division Act, i.e., generally meaning it was lawfully in existence as of March 31, 1997. Whether one owns a parent parcel or one of the resulting divisions (parcels), a landowner must explore the property’s chain of title to see if any further divisions are currently available. If so, those further divisions can be made at any time, possibly including the 2 you received in the transaction. If no divisions are available, either because all have already been made or because no divisions were assigned from the parent parcel, the parcel cannot be further divided for another 10 years. After that time, the division can be split further (referred to as re-divisions). The total number of re-divisions allowed within a division (parcel) is based on another sliding scale related to the size of the division.