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Asked October 4, 2017, 11:14 AM EDT

what ratio will i mix bone meal with vital feeds for broilers?

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I have provided a response to a similar question provided by Dr. Jacob:

Feed formulation can be difficult, especially if you don't know the nutrient content of the feedstuffs being used. The expensive feeds are probably made with corn and soybean meal. To make a feed that is more affordable you need to consider local feed ingredients. An energy source makes up the majority of the feed. That is typically where corn comes in. Other cereals can be used such as wheat, barley, and non-tannin sorghum. Next is a protein source which is were soybean meal comes in. Alternatives include canola meal, sunflower seed meal (to a limited degree because of the fiber content), and field peas. Meat and bone meal or fish meal can also be used. Then you need a source of vitamins and minerals. These are usually added to the diet as a purchased premix. Such a premix would be important if you are using local materials, to make sure they get all the trace minerals and vitamins they need. You also need a source of calcium for bone development. This is often limestone or dicalcium phosphate (which also provides some phosphorus). A little salt is also required. Without knowing the ingredients you have available, and their nutrient content, it is not possible to formulate a feed to meet your needs.
The University of Georgia has a free online program for feed formulation that might be useful to you once you have identified all the feed ingredients to be used and their nutrient content.
It is also important to consider the economics. You will probably get lower production with your own feeds, but if they are considerably cheaper than the alternatives available it may be economical.

- Dr. Jacquie Jacob, University of Kentucky
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