Asked October 3, 2017, 10:24 PM EDT

Near Mt Angel OR there were fields of pumpkins or squash where the pumpkins were being ground up and mulched into the field. Can you explain this practice or direct me to some material on this. I have never seen this before and am curious Thanks for your time

Marion County Oregon

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That's a good question! Another expert can add their thoughts this, but I think what you are seeing are pumpkin squash that are grown specifically for seed, which is a practice in many parts of Oregon. The farmer actually processes squash in the field, removing the seeds and leaving the meats on the ground. Several varieties are grown for seed, not just pumpkins. Here is an article that portrays a seed processor, including a description of how they do it: http://www.capitalpress.com/Oregon/20140730/family-carves-out-niche-for-squash-seed
I'm not a seed or pumpkin expert, but my father was involved with farming for years. Hope this helps.