1. Moving roses and 2. overwintering a clematis

Asked October 3, 2017, 3:20 PM EDT

1. It's early October and I just moved into a new house. I dug up two roses from my old house but I expect frost in the next 4 weeks. The bushes are in pots now. Shall I go ahead and dig them in now? or wait until spring?

2. I bought a tiny clematis and have been nurturing it in a pot all summer. How do I overwinter it?

Wayne County Michigan roses clematis

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Normally you should wait until the roses are dormant to transplant, which is best done in the early spring. Since they have already been dug up, you can go ahead and dig them in now in their new location. Water them well before transplanting and keep an eye on watering them until the ground freezes.

For the clematis, the pot will need to be protected from freezing. You can move it into a garage or other location that will protect from freezing temperatures and it is a good idea to mulch around the container (autumn leaves in bags placed around the container is one way), to insure the pot doesn't freeze. Clematis are usually overwintered in large pots at least 18" in diameter.

Thank you. Is the basement too warm for the clematis? Should I continue to water it? Is it going to go dormant?

If the basement is not heated it should be fine. The clematis usually go dormant, so wait until it has died back to bring it in. Once it goes dormant, you should not need to water it until spring.

Again, thank you. Have a good weekend.