What are these plants seen Sept 30 at Black Marsh Balto County?

Asked October 3, 2017, 12:16 PM EDT

Please see photos. I thought the berries might be elderberries. The small green groundcover was next to a marsh. Does anyone there lnow this gorgeous little tree frog?


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1st photo: crowsfoot, a type of club moss. This is a wonderful native, natural groundcover. Deer have been eating it. Preserve it.

2nd: This looks like wild or fox grapes. We see some grape tendrils in the photo. Don't see any grape leaves, but about five different kinds of leaves in the photo.

3rd: Green tree frog. Amazing isn't it? Here's more: http://dnr.maryland.gov/wildlife/Pages/plants_wildlife/herps/fieldguide_OrderAnura.aspx Their range may be expanding with climate change. They were sighted in Howard County this year.


You folks rock! This a terrific service both to the amateur naturalist and backyard gardener and the farmer. Thank you for your service. Also: If I could get another photo of the grape tree with more detail would you be able to narrow it down? Regarding the green tree frog---Julia, the young lady who staffs the entry booth at North Point/Black Marsh, said when it is rainy they are "all over the place." I have only been there in good weather---but now have a reason to don my raincoat and venture out on a rainy day.

Glad you enjoy our service. Tell your friends! You are our best PR.

If you can get good leaf photos, we may be able to be more specific.