Pesticides for grub control on lawns that clippings for compost

Asked October 2, 2017, 9:52 PM EDT

In the fall and spring I compost mostly with grass clippings and leaves. Some of this compost gets used in the vegetable garden. Will the preventative and curative insecticides listed in your spring 2017 article about grub control make their way into the vegetables we grow through the compost? I'm having a small grub problem for the first time in about 15 years.

Wayne County Michigan

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If you have a grub problem at this time and need to control grubs with a curative product such as carbaryl it should be watered into the soil so it gets down to where the grubs are feeding and not left on the blades of the grass. The Extension Toxicology Network through Cornell University states that carbaryl has a short residual life on treated crops and that insecticidal properties are retained for 3 - 10 days. After that time it should not be an issue with composted grass and leaves and should be fine in compost that will be used the following summer. If you are using an insecticide other than carbaryl you can send back a response and I will check it out through the same ExToxNet site: