Carpet Rose Winterization

Asked October 2, 2017, 12:33 PM EDT

Hello. I have had carpet roses in pots for many years. In past years I have brought them into the garage and winterized them by covering them with black plastic bags, watering them well and putting them up off of the floor. This has worked wonderfully but now they are too large and heavy to move off of the deck for the winter. Can I winterize them on the deck with blankets and large garbage cans over them and also move them up on a pedestal so they aren't on the floor of the deck? They are beautiful and I don't want to risk losing them to the winter weather. Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Tami Klein

Sherburne County Minnesota horticulture winterizing container roses

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It looks like most of the varieties are zone 4 or 5 hardy so you could try. The idea is it keep them frozen once they freeze and not allow them to thaw and freeze repeatedly. That is the biggest problem with pots, they warm up in the sun and then freeze again. If you cover them well once they freeze and keep them frozen until spring it should work. Keep them watered until they freeze too. Something light colored to reflect the sunlight rather than absorb it would be best. You don't need to get them up off of the deck floor. It isn't the cold as much as the thawing and freezing. If we would have an extremely cold winter with very cold temps then they may not survive because of the extreme cold. Otherwise they are supposed to be hardy enough for our area.