how to plant Lycoris squamigera bulbs

Asked October 2, 2017, 11:26 AM EDT

Hi, I received 4 Lycoris squamigera bulbs from a neighbor. These plants have been coming up over 60 years in a southern location, directly next to the house. The neighbors has given me 4 large bulbs. I don't have time to plant them immediately, but can after Oct. 15. I am wondering what to do with them in the meantime (refrigerate, keep in a dark place, keep them outside??) and how to plant them once I do have a chance to get them in the ground. Thank you, Shawn Jarvis

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Store the bulbs in a cool dry place. Plant bulbs 5-6” deep and 6” apart in fall.

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how should I amend the sandy soil?

What is the nature of the soil where the plants have flourished for 60 years? If the soil is similar at your location, no amendments may be needed. Testing the soil is the best way to find out what, if anything, should be done to improve the soil at the growing site. Anything other than that is guess work.

Although organic matter is usually a beneficial amendment in very sandy soil, most authorities say Lycoris needs little or no fertilizer.