Tree roots above ground

Asked October 1, 2017, 11:05 PM EDT

Have a 2 year old japanese maple with roots coming above ground. Whst should I do?

Linn County Oregon japanese maples

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Thank you for your question about your maple tree. Most maple trees (Acer) have shallow root systems. The most important thing you can do in any season is not to disturb them, especially by raking around them. (You can assume the roots extend out as far as the stems do—and sometimes further.) Second. leave its fallen leaves, and add some type of aged mulch to protect the roots over the winter. However, keep the mulch away from the tree’s trunk 6 to 10 inches, to prevent pathogens such as fungi from infecting it. A second benefit of mulch is that, as it decomposes, it returns nutrients to the soil to be used by your tree next growing season. Finally, be sure to water it at least once a week during the dry month, but check to make sure the water drains well. Maples in standing water are a recipe for root rot. Hopefully, your tree gets protection from full sun, since they can get leaf scorch easily. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!