Winter storage of Mom's peony

Asked September 30, 2017, 2:08 PM EDT

One year ago, fall 2016, I moved my peony into the backyard of my rental. We have been living in our rental, while remodeling our new home. At the end of October we will move into our new home, and bring my Mom's peony with us. (It originated in ND - so it's a hardy one!). Unfortunately the yard at our new home will not be ready for planting the peony. I have two options for winter storage: 1. Dig the peony up and store it in a pot over the winter. Perhaps I'd keep the pot in the garage, to keep the root ball warmer? 2. Dig the peony up and give it a winter home in my nephew's backyard - planting it in soil. Do either of these options seem viable? Is one better than the other for survival over the winter? Thank you for your consideration.

Hennepin County Minnesota

2 Responses

A winter home in your nephew's backyard is the best option.

Storing the pot in the garage might work too, but it's more risky especially if the temperature there drops much below 32 degrees.

Thank you for the advice Bob. Looks like this treasured plant has one more adventure in St. Paul!