Lone hurt goose

Asked September 30, 2017, 8:36 AM EDT

Just seen a lose canadian goose it was hurt/ limping. I called a wildlife preservation but no answer. Why would they travel by them selves? Is that common? Never seen this before. The area was around a heavy intersection. Concerned bystander:(

Outside United States

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This Canada goose probably got separated from its group when it got hurt. You are correct, it isnt' common for them to be by themselves. Chances are it got hit by something - perhaps a car, if it is by an intersection? Wild animals are extremely resilient, though, and it might still be able to recover and catch up to its flock. If there are no internal injuries, the goose will eventually fly off again, once it recovers from the shock of being hit. A wildlife recover center is a good group to call. You might also call your local wildlife management agency - they may know a person willing to come and rehabilitate the goose. However, sometimes, wildlife officials decide to leave an animal alone if catching it will cause it more stress and damage than it can handle, and if they determine it will recover on its own. thank you for your concern and interest. I hope I've helped a little bit.