Asked September 29, 2017, 11:55 PM EDT

I live in Superior, WY - elevation aprox 6,750 ft - zone 3/4 - 30 miles east of Rock Springs. My question - what type of raspberries are best suited for my area?

Sweetwater County Wyoming

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Fall-bearing raspberries are well suited for growing in Wyoming. There are quite a few varieties out there including Autumn bliss, Autumn Britten, Boyne, Caroline, Encore, Festival, Heritage, Killarney, Latham, Nova, Polana, and Summit.

I have grown Caroline, Heritage, and Latham in Laramie and they have done well at 7200 feet. The others are listed as being cold hardy, but i have not grown them myself.

They are fairly easy to care for too. I planted mine last year and got fruit off of them this year. Give them regular water and cut the canes back to the ground at the end of the growing season each year. They grow back from the roots each year and you will get fruit starting in August/Sept. And one more tip, the birds will eat your raspberries if you let them. I cover my plants with a plastic mesh netting to keep the birds out.

Mr. Hilgert, thank you for your response to my question! - I forgot to ask when is the best time of the year to plant raspberries and whether you would recommend bare root or potted plants.

Either bare root or container plants are fine to plant. Bare root is usually less expensive, but you need to plant them in spring. Container plants can be planted spring, summer, or fall.