transplanting phlox, other perennials

Asked September 29, 2017, 8:55 PM EDT

Can I transplant phlox and other perennials now and during the next two - three weeks? Or would it be better to wait till spring?

Hennepin County Minnesota dividing perennials

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It depends on what they are to some extent. If they bloom in the spring it is better to transplant them in the fall. If they blooms later in the season, spring transplanting is often better. Here is a link to info about dividing perennials.

I was mostly concerned about transplanting phlox, and this late. Will they do ok if I transplant them this late in the season? Thanks.

It is a little late. It depends on what the weather does. If you really need to do it now make sure you water them well and mulch them once the ground freezes.