Green and brown marmorated stink bugs

Asked September 29, 2017, 5:35 PM EDT

When I was pulling up the last of my Jade green bean plants on Monday, I observed three brightly colored stink bugs--a kind I've never noticed before. Today's UM Extension TPM/IPM Weekly Reports has a great photo of the stink bug and identifies it as "green stink bug." Hey--new to me--never too old to learn! Maybe someone else will ask about these brightly colored stink bugs. And on the brown marmorated stinkbug front, I've seen less than 10 all summer--but including a HUGE on on our front door, also this week. Bob Nixon, Clarksville ###

Howard County Maryland insect issues

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Hi Bob,
Yes, there are several types of stink bugs one could encounter here in Maryland. We're starting to see some of the brown marmorated ones on buildings, as they seek winter shelter. Thanks for your report.