Prime ARK Freedom blakberries

Asked September 29, 2017, 2:26 PM EDT

which canes to take out and when. I understand part ,the other blackberries you cut out the ones that had berries on. These get berries in spring and in fall so which do I cut out. I am just not there yet in totally understanding them. . Just an older gardener and have both kinds ,these are so good to eat not sour like my others.

Carroll County Maryland

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You have two options.

The easiest would be to simply cut down all the first year (primocanes) at the end of the 1st growing season (as you would for red raspberries like Heritage.) That will only allow you to harvest the first year crop,(though it is a long season of harvest, summer to fall). But, it's simple.

If you want to harvest the 2nd year crop also (and enjoy the spring blackberries), you'll end up with a mix of 1st and 2nd year canes growing from the same crown. As usual, the canes die after fruiting the 2nd year. When they die, they look very different from the live canes, and that's when it is easiest to prune them out. Carefully cut out the dead canes from among the live canes, either in the winter or early the following spring. (The longer dead canes stand around, the easier it is to distinguish the dead ones from the live ones.)