bacterial leaf scorch

Asked September 29, 2017, 1:52 PM EDT

thank replied to my question about my red oaks and you stated they have this bacteria ase that is passed on by the bugs that get on the leaves . my several question now are --please answer all 3 questions. thanks. 1. since my 2 red oaks now have totally brown leaves, and very few limbs, are they dead? 2.should i have them cut down[ fyi-they are close to the house if they fall] ? 3. should i have the tree wood removed or can i leave it on the ground for future firewood use ? [ would removing the logs reduce the possibility of the future infections, i have lost several trees in just the last year ] 4. based on the video you sent me, it seems there is not a good way to prevent the spread to more of my trees ?

Howard County Maryland

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Based on your photos the trees do not look dead. Bacterial leaf scorch is a slow moving disease which can take about 5-10 years for decline.
You do not have to remove the trees until they are dead. If you have concerns about the health of the trees and being a hazard, contact several certified arborists for the best way to proceed.

If you decide to have the trees removed, it is okay to leave the wood. There is not a good way to prevent the spread.