ID'ing forest smothering vines in Baltimore

Asked September 28, 2017, 4:46 PM EDT

I'm a California transplant, and have been astounded at the vigorous greenery in Baltimore wild spaces. I have never seen vines smothering whole trees like I see driving along Baltimore roads. What are most of these vines? At first I assumed it was mostly ivy or kudzu, but Is kudzu so dominant this far north? I've read online about projects to cut back the vines to help the forests flourish, but none of the articles identify what most of these vines actually are. Thanks,

Baltimore Maryland

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Welcome to Maryland.
If you are seeing large, continuous patches of it along highways, it is likely kudzu.
It is a problem invasive here. It doesn't move/seed much to far flung areas, but expands vegetively along it's current path.

There are others that are also invasive and can smother, but not quite like the coverage you see from kudzu.
Take a look here for our weed gallery. Those starred are invasive problems in our area: