One Leaf, Two Leaf, What's Up With My Leaf?

Asked September 27, 2017, 4:31 PM EDT

I have a house plant that has been acting up (see attached photographs). I have not changed my treatment of the plant. The only thing that has changed is it's location. The plant has lived in Seattle, San Antonio, and Washington, DC. Only started having problems in D.C. What are these hash marks and what can I do to prevent this from spreading to other leaves on the plant? What is this white stuff oozing from where I trimmed the leaves off? How can I get this plant to thrive/grow bigger and taller?

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

3 Responses

The leaf markings look like mechanical damage, probably from your moving. It is not a disease or insect. No action is necessary.

The white substance you see is sap. Your plant looks like a rubber plant, or a member of that family. You will get the best growth from your plant when you give it the ideal conditions for growth. They do well with medium light or some sun each day. Water after letting the top soil dry out. Give it a liquid fertilizer every two weeks but only when it is actively growing. Wipe dust off leaves gently. New leaves are easily damaged and scars remain for the life of the plant.


Thank you so much and what a great service! My house plants are forever grateful.