Asked September 27, 2017, 4:04 PM EDT

I have just put violas in my outdoor pots for fall color. Squirrels have dug into all of them. They don't seem interested in the plants, just the easy digging potting soil provides. Is there any way to deter the squirrels ? They seem to be extra busy this year.

Benton County Oregon

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I believe if you dig around in the soil, in your outdoor pot, you will find acorns, or other ‘nuts’. The squirrels are not interested in your violas, but they like the soft soil to bury nuts. They are using your pots to store their winter food. You should be able to stop them from using your pots by sprinkling Cayenne Pepper. This will also keep cats from digging in your pots. You need to remember to sprinkle more Pepper after a rain. Thank you for submitting this question.