Asian giant hornet vs European wasp?

Asked September 27, 2017, 2:46 PM EDT

I was outside at approx 9pm last week when something started flying at me on my deck. I managed to get inside and this insect began slamming itself into the door, flying very aggressively at the door and to where I was sitting. I did see It eat a couple of small bugs. There was a cicada on the deck but the wasp/hornet did not seem interested in it. I didn't have a ruler for scale, but it was nearly the size of my thumb, I would guess around 2". I have not seen it since. I've read about confusion between the Asian Giant Hornet and the European Hornet- the dark bands on my insect seem wider than the pictures I have found of the European Hornet. Either way, this thing makes me very nervous! The first photo is of its underside, the second is of its back. I would love to have an expert's opinion.

Wicomico County Maryland

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These are European hornets. The following page on our website has information about them and what you can do. The following publication also has information about how to manage social wasps like European hornets.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture and USDA have traps out to monitor for Asian hornets and they have not been detected here.