dwarf peach tree failure to grow peaches

Asked September 27, 2017, 12:41 PM EDT

I have a four year old "FROST"dwarf peach tree that has not produced any peaches. I have tried numerous dormant sprays to control leaf curl (sp) but in the spring it produces many flowers however the leaves all seem to have leaf curl , the flowers fall off followed by the leafs. new foliage appears and the tree appears to be healthy. What can I use to control leaf curl and when should it be applied?

Clackamas County Oregon peaches

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There are a lot of products registered for peach leaf curl and most of them work well, including lime-sulfur. We had such a wet spring that there are a lot of disease issues on peaches this season. If you are doing the leaf fall and a dormant spray, consider pushing an additional spray during bud swell. Most infections occur between bud break and petal fall.

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