Dead bush

Asked September 27, 2017, 11:56 AM EDT

I have had 3 bushes side By side in front of the porch for over 10 years. Always been healthy, trimmed each year, never used fertilizer. About a month ago I noticed some brown spots on one bush. I was away for a week. Upon returning the bush is dead. The other two continue to be healthy. I plan to attach a picture because I do not know name of the bush. What do you think could have caused the entire bush to die? Is there anything I can do to protect the other two? Do you have any suggestions as to the easiest method to get the bush and roots out? Thank You

Baltimore County Maryland

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We can't say for sure what killed your shrub. There are no obvious disease or insect signs. That points to an environmental or site problem, such as poor drainage (we had a very wet period this summer).

To remove the shrub, cut off the branches down to the ground. Dig around the base of the plant and cut off the large roots about 2 feet out from the base. Remove. The rest of the roots will decompose fairly quickly. When you are doing this, notice if the soil is particularly wet or if their are rodent (vole) holes and gnawing on the roots or trunk.