hemp dogbane toxicity

Asked September 27, 2017, 9:49 AM EDT

with regard to a question from July 30, 2015, "is hemp dogbane poisonous to livestock" you quoted a Penn State bulletin which I saw last year, but which they have removed from their website. I contacted Penn State but they are saying they don't know anything about it. Graziers know the stuff isn't toxic, cows love it and do fine in an intensive grazing situation (can't say they wouldn't gorge themselves sick on it in a conventional pasture). Can you direct me to a site where the bulletin is still uploaded?
Thank you!

Jefferson County Ohio

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The infinite wisdom of our tech people never ceases to amaze and frustrate me. They don't think people want to see bulletins so they have removed them all from the Penn State Web site. Brilliant!!!

I have a copy of the Hemp Dogbane bulletin but can't attach it with the eXtension web site. If you will send me (mhh2@psu.edu) your email address, I will send you the Hemp dogbane bulletin.