Is This a giant asian Hornet in my yard or a European one...

Asked September 26, 2017, 10:33 PM EDT

I have a giant Hornet outside of my rear door. I have seen it many nights this summer near my motion activated flood light. It is very aggressive, I stay away when it is outside.....Is this a normal european Hornet or Asian Hornet? It looks scary as hell. This is the first time I was able to get good photos.. Please Help identify it for me.... It is about 1.5 inches long. I think they have been living in holes they dig in my back lawn...... I will get pics of those if needed.. Hard to photograph the hornet in the day time, they are too fast and aggressive. My Neighbor has one in her house now, she said it looks similar but it is about 2 inches long. If her attempt to kill it is successful I will preserve it for study if needed. Even if these are determined to be European Hornets they are bigger then any I have ever seen.

Harford County Maryland european hornets insect or spider id

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These are European hornets. These are the only type of bee/wasp that are attracted to lights. The following page on our website has information about them and what you can do. The following publication also has information about how to manage social wasps like European hornets.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture and USDA have traps out to monitor for Asian hornets and they have not been detected here.


Thank you so much for the quick informed response. I was thinking that they were european hornets but the size of them was what had me amazed. Thanks again I will read the links you sent to find out more information. I will not kill them since they never stung me and I am sure they are helping with the bug pests in my yard. I don't like to kill anything in nature if I can help it.