Yikes! Tree grew around the tree straps. Now what?

Asked September 26, 2017, 7:17 PM EDT

Hi. We just moved into a new house in June. The previous owners planted what we think is an Aspen tree in the backyard - not sure when. They staked it, with straps. I went to go cut the straps off just now and discovered that some of the straps are embedded in the tree. It's like the tree grew around the straps and the straps are stuck there. See picture. So now what do we do to ensure the health of the tree? Cut the straps real close? Try to pull them out? (Seems like a bad idea.) Thank you!

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You can cut the straps away, but don't try to pull them out -- that might just make matters worse. If the branch on the left side declines, you will just have to prune it out. Fortunately, it looks like the main trunk of the tree is fine.