Asian Pear granular spots, mostly on or close to the skin

Asked September 26, 2017, 3:39 PM EDT

Our Asian pears have hard granular spots on the fruit, usually close to or on the skin. I've gotten two diagnosis, fungus and insect damage. What causes the granular dumples and what can be done to prevent them? This problem doesn't effect the other fruits in our orchard (apples and pears). I don'tthink itis insect caused.

Clackamas County Oregon pears

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As described, those symptoms are not specific enough to make a diagnosis.

Do the spots look anything like those shown here

Or how about here -
Photos would help. You can upload them to AAE or email them to me at the email listed below.

It is the stony-pit caused by the virus. Is there anything we can do short of taking out a mature (large) Asian pear tree?

If you mean can you eradicate the virus or "cure" the infection, the answer is no. Before you give up and remove the tree, you might consider verifying that stony pit is the actual cause. You can contact the OSU Plant Clinic to find out if they can verify the cause through diagnostic procedures -

Thank you. This has been very helpful. CB