Asked September 25, 2017, 9:53 PM EDT

How to start a new compost bin? What elements do I need before adding regular stuff?

Deschutes County Oregon

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Thank you for your question about how to start a new compost bin. Following is a link to a University of Washington Extension publication entitled, Backyard Composting. This publication is a great resource for the steps necessary to build a composting pile or bin. The article reviews how to get started making compost including the balance of materials, moisture requirements and aeration. Of special interest may be the section on ‘how to build the pile’, which is found on pages 4-5.

After reviewing this publication, if you have questions or need more information, please call the OSU Extension office. We always welcome your home garden questions at the OSU Master Gardener plant clinic. You can call and talk with the Master Gardener on duty or an OSU staff member at 541-548-6088. You can also submit questions to the Master Gardener Plant Clinic email: