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Asked September 25, 2017, 8:53 PM EDT

Is chocolate vine (akebia quinata) an invasive plant in Klamath County?

Klamath County Oregon

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Given the right conditions, akebia can be invasive, though It is not listed as invasive in Oregon and a number of nurseries sell it. It is considered invasive in many eastern states, however. I want to describe the growing conditions it needs to thrive, and perhaps become invasive in your area.
Akebia forms a dense mat that can displace native understory plants and can climb into, smother, and kill small trees and shrubs. It is shade and drought tolerant and can invade many types of habitats, preferring lighter, well drained soils and sunny to partially shaded locations. Deer do not like it.
Akebia is listed as invasive in the Invasive Plant Atlas, and the Missouri Botanical Gardens says of Akebia: "Though not designated a noxious weed by the Federal Government, environmental groups consider this plant too invasive to plant where it can spread or reseed itself into natural areas and crowd out native plants."
With these warning in mind, you should be prepared to control its vigorous growth and/or prepare to remove it with some difficulty. I suggest you look for an Oregon native vine or groundcover to plant instead.
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