Hi . Live by Majestic Springs golf course in Clinton county but this was...

Asked September 25, 2017, 5:22 PM EDT

Hi . Live by Majestic Springs golf course in Clinton county but this was brought up to me by a Warren County resident and after we compared notes we realised that this year seeing very very few squirrels , no opossum , few (about 1/2 in number) raccoons . Few Does noted . Few rabbits . None as numerous as usual though . Is there a distemper outbreak or ?? going around ? Or are farmers spraying crops with something new ? Corn & soybean everywhere lol . Thanks, just curious .

Clinton County Ohio

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The chemical sprayed on the farm fields around you are not affecting your wildlife numbers. Large acreage farm fields and less woodlands can affect local populations of wildlife due to less suitable habitats for some wildlife species. I have not heard of distemper going around, but it is not the likely cause of the problem. Most likely is an increase in predators in the area (coyotes, hawks, etc.). Big populations of coyotes can really reduce small wildlife numbers and make it very uncomfortable for does to stay in the area. From a personal level, I live in the country, I had a huge population of rabbits, but have not seen any in weeks. What I have heard is a big pack of coyotes in my woods. I also had multiple hawks working the area, but they have now gone too since the prey numbers have dwindled.

Greg Meyer

Okay , thanks for the answers . Usual coyote pack is very quiet last couple months too .

When the food disappeared, they probably left for better hunting.