Maple tree dying in front yard

Asked September 25, 2017, 12:43 PM EDT

I hope that you can shed some light into what happened to our maple tree in the front yard of our home. We are located in southeast Michigan. Our yard to the north is next to a field that was sprayed for soybeans and corn over the past few years. This year it did not leaf out.

Lenawee County Michigan

1 Response

From the picture it appears your maple has been declining for several years. There is a large amount of bark splitting and loss, what appears to be fungal growth on dead branches, and what appears to be borer damage. The spraying is not likely to have contributed to the damage. Squirrels will often strip bark on a healthy tree, but the damage is more likely from a wood boring insect. If the tree did not leaf out this year, it is probably time to consider taking down the tree.