Sweet potato problem

Asked September 24, 2017, 7:04 PM EDT

Hello! I planted sweet potatoes in a raised bed this spring around June 5. I harvested the potatoes sept 20 ( approx. 105 days) and all of the potatoes were slender with little bulk. Because of the lack of bulk they were mostly unusable in the kitchen ( see photo). The vines were prolific but the tubers were small and elongated with little bulk. I did not use any fertilizer except compost put into the raised bed last fall. Any idea what happened and how I might avoid this disappointment in the future? Thanks! Bob

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Sweet potatoes will continue to bulk up if they are left in the ground longer. We recommend pulling a few up to test. If they are not large enough, just wait a little longer. Even though it seems as if 105 days was enough time, it is best just to pull a few to check the size. The roots will keep getting larger if they are left in the ground longer.

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I did leave some of the sweet potatoes in the ground an additional 25 days for a total of 130 days. The sweet potatoes were still elongated and small with no bulk. Any thoughts?

Please take a look at our website on growing sweet potatoes for cultivation and care.
You may be dealing with soil issues, spacing, lack of sun, etc. You may want to try another cultivar next year.