Asked September 24, 2017, 5:22 PM EDT

Hi is it too late to sow grass seeds, we r in Hennepin cnty and have no grass now just dirt. Also, what could be done 2 prevent creeping Charlie and wild violettes next spring? Thank you!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. The best time to seed lawns in Minnesota is mid-August to mid-September. This is because most weeds are not actively growing and the grass seed can get a jump start with less competition. When spring comes and weeds start growing, the grass may be better able to compete. Sod might do better now than seed because we are just past the seeding point but if we have a long fall, the seed might have time to sprout and establish enough to make it through the winter. There is some preparation required to stack the odds in your favor. Read more about it here:

I'm assuming you wish to control perennial weeds like creeping Charlie and violets in lawns. This is best accomplished by maintaining thick, healthy growing grasses that crowd out the weeds. If you have these weeds growing somewhere now, you can manually pull them out or, if there are simply too many, you could try a post emergent herbicide that contains triclopyr for best results. Perennial weeds like these are storing energy now to survive winter so herbicides are often more easily taken in by the plant and more effective. You will have to be vigilant because control can take several years. The same herbicide can be used for violets. Learn more about control of common weeds here:

Thank you for contacting Extension.

Thank you very much!