Boxwood blight

Asked September 23, 2017, 11:29 AM EDT

Help! 3 years after a very expensive landscaping project, my Justin brewer boxwoods lining several walkways have been hit with boxwood blight, according to my ipm expert. I have dozens of them ! Also huge boxwoods have started ailing! Can I save them ? It all happened within a few weeks! I'm Desperate to save them ! Please help !

Baltimore County Maryland

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Boxwoods in general can be susceptible to several fungal diseases, insect, and abiotoc issues (cultural and environmental). If stressed by poor site conditions such as drought, poor drainage, poor planting techniques, over mulching, etc. it is not uncommon for them to be susceptible to possible insect and disease problems.

Boxwood blight, is a relatively new disease and may be a possibility, if new boxwoods have been introduced into your landscape. Monitor your plants for signs and symptoms such as stem cankers and defoliation.
Here is our website on boxwood blight for photos and more information

Based on your description it sounds like your landscapers or IPM expert may suspect boxwood blight. If so, have your expert send samples to the U of Maryland Plant Diagnostic Lab for confirmation. This is for commercial companies only and not homeowners. They can call first before submitting samples.