Scraggly Greenspire Linden

Asked September 23, 2017, 10:30 AM EDT

I had a new linden planted last summer and hoped to see some nice growth as with my other trees this summer. Unfortunately my poor linden looks rather scraggly and has very small leaves. It simply has not flourished. I am very worried. Will it die? What can I do? I'm especially worried if it will make it through winter at this point. (in Denver and it's turning cold now, fall is hitting hard already)

Douglas County Colorado

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I am sorry to hear about your Linden tree! Hard to have the correct answer without seeing a before picture of the tree, how it was planted and what it looks like now. I will give you a few ideas on what may be happening.
A tree will do best when planted in a saucer shaped hole with the root ball at or above the soil line. In fact it does better when it is above the soil line. When the root ball is placed into the freshly dug hole roots should be spread out as much as it possibly can.
A tree should not be staked for longer than three months, if at all.
Once planted the soil should be loosely put back and watered in. No stomping on the soil as this compacts the soil and takes away the oxygen pockets.
The tree needs to be watered deeply three to four times per week that first month and can be tapered off to two times depending on the weather, to get a good root establishment
The tree needs to be watered during the winter months especially the first three years, again for good root establishment. Last winter was especially dry and if it was not watered it could have easily been stressed. A few times per month during the winter should be ok.
A soaker hose works well for watering trees and shrubs as it is a slow drip and easy to do, saturating the soil.
Do not fertilize or prune a new tree for the first three years.
Japanese beetle are prone to eat Linden tree leaves.
If you have anymore questions please contact us again.