My wisteria looked dead but now it has a few leaf growing back, what should I do ?

Asked September 22, 2017, 10:56 PM EDT

I planted my wisteria a couple of years ago, had flowers and leaves, I thought it died because it didn't produce anything. Then it came back to life again had just a few flowers and "died "again ... this year, it really didn't do anything... so I thought that this time it really was dead ... today, I wake up and see a few leaves at the base of the plant ... what should I do ??? ( I live in Perth Australia, the weather here isn't as cold as in Europe , with winter going down to 5 degrees only ) I really would appreciate some advice as I love wisterias and they remind me of my childhood ...

Outside United States

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Thanks for your question. We don't have a lot of resources here on Australian horticulture, but I'll try to help. Do you happen to know what type you have? (Here's an article explaining the differences: Regardless of the variety, here's a short article on the plant's care: Perhaps you can determine what isn't working with your care habits or environment. Good luck!