Digging up dahlias

Asked September 22, 2017, 2:03 PM EDT

Hello, I have grown dahlias for about 5 years and I never dug up the tubers to store rhem over the winter. But this year I noticed my dahlias were smaller, slower to grow, with not as many blooms this year, and I'm wondering if it was due to all of the snow and rain we had last winter. So now I'm wondering, should I start digging up and storing my tubers each fall?

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With our cool, wet spring this last year, they could have been later to start growing - or slugs, encouraged by the wet weather, may have been feasting on the first leaves, setting it back. Also, have you ever fertilized your dahlias? This could help with blooms, but avoid a fertilizer with high nitrogen because this will encourage too much vegetative growth.

Digging dahlias can be beneficial to avoid freezing or tuber rot over our wet winters, however it is not always done and as you stated leaving them in the ground can also lead to success.

If you decide to dig your dahlias, there is information on how to do so below:

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