Autumn Blaze vs Matador

Asked September 21, 2017, 4:25 PM EDT

We are planting a maple tree 20 feet from our in ground pool. I prefer the height of the autumn blaze as I would like the tree eventually be be visible from our third floor picture window, but will 20 feet from the pool be far enough? From what I've read online, the matador has a smaller canopy/root system. The tree will be in full sun.

Washington County Minnesota

3 Responses

Based on the information at the following website, a Matador maple may grow 40 feet wide. If the tree achieved that size it would take many years, but that would bring the branches to the pool's edge.

Whether 20 feet distance from the pool is far enough depends upon your objective.

Does the Autumn Blaze have the same size canopy? Which one grows faster?
What is the difference between the two trees?

Estimates of plant height and width vary because plants perform differently depending upon growing conditions and from one geographical area to another.

However, using the previous source again as a reference, it appears that Autumn Blaze and Matador have the potential to grow to approximately the same width.

Autumn Blaze and Matador have similar genetic heritage so their growth rate and other characteristics are likely to be similar.