What are these exactly and how big will they get?

Asked September 21, 2017, 4:04 PM EDT

Hello University of Maryland. My name is Katie and I live in Baltimore County. I recently moved into a house where a beautiful squash and pumpkin vine has started growing in our front yard. I would like to know what kind of pumpkin or squash this is exactly and how can we pick the pumpkins and squash. Some of the leaves have died and some of them are starting to become brown and wilt. What should we do to keep them healthy until harvest? I've attached some pictures of various stages of the vine's life. These were all taken today, September 21st. There are more pics if you need more information. Thanks for your help!

Baltimore County Maryland

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Your new home came with a new vegetable!
We can't really say what this is, other than it is the result of a cross-pollination of 2 plants in the same family (grown last year) that made a new hybrid. It could be a mix of pumpkin, gourd, and/or squash.
Take a look at this page from our website:
It is almost the end of the season and it's not uncommon for these vines to start to die back or have diseases like powdery mildew on their leaves.
Just let them go, and water them if we don't get rain.
You can cut them off the vine when a little later in the season and use them as decorative fall 'fruits'.
They are edible, but probably wouldn't taste very good and the skin would be tough.