Wild Violet with White Leaves

Asked September 20, 2017, 11:44 AM EDT

Have you ever seen a wild violet with white leaves? Not white flowers, but leaves. I have one growing in my yard and I've never seen one before. I'm wondering how rare it is since I can't even find information about it online. Thanks.

Fayette County Kentucky

3 Responses

That certainly stands out! No, I myself have not seen one before so I thank you for sharing it! I'm not for certain exactly how rare it is, but it is certainly an anomaly. I can tell you that it should be short lived. Any plant/leaf that does not contain an chlorophyll, like the one pictured, can not sustain its self for long. Chlorophyll is essential in photosynthesis, allowing plants to absorb energy from light. So without proper photosynthesis, that plant never creates any food to live on, causing it to be short lived. Little anomalies like this happen once in a while and often can never be explained. So, just enjoy it while it lasts! Feel free to call us at the Fayette County Extension Office if you have any further questions, (859) 257-5582. Thanks!

I've transplanted the violet to a vacant window box and it has flourished. Perhaps the one green leaf it has is providing just enough chlorophyll to keep it growing. I plan to put it in a pot I can bring inside for the winter and see if I can keep it alive.

Plants never cease to amaze me! Consider small does of a plant food to help it along the way. Best of luck!