Level of Shade needed in Greenhouse for annuals such as impatiens, coleus, etc

Asked September 20, 2017, 7:29 AM EDT

I am having issues with shade loving annuals (impatiens, coleus, etc) in greenhouse. In the past we have had issues with too much sun on these plants. This past year we began to place the plants at ground level and even under benches at times. Any areas we thought we could gain shade for them. They performed much better; however I believe it was too much shade as the plants became very tall and leggy. After assessing this problem, we are thinking of creating a shaded area in greenhouse by way of an internal shade cloth. I am somewhat confused on what would be our best approach. Shade cloth is offered in different levels of shade. The company we order from offers 38%-51%-67%-74% in a WHITE SHADE CLOTH. They also offer 30%-47%-55%-63%-73%-80% in a BLACK SHADE CLOTH. I am in need of advice as to which color and which level of shade would be my best option for my situation.

Thank You, Mark Cecil "Foxtail Farm and Greenhouse"

Nelson County Kentucky

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Mark this question was assigned to me but since I have already communicated with you on the subject. I won't reply here.