asparagus transplanting

Asked September 19, 2017, 6:37 PM EDT

I planted crowns in my greenhouse this spring. I currently have an asparagus fern forest growing. I would like to free up this greenhouse space for fall greens. Can i transplant the asparagus outside this fall? I was going to dig and remove the crown and as much of the associated soil. If not, can I remove and store the crowns and not lose a year of growing? Thanks Jim

Clark County Washington

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Dear Client,

I had to confer with the Master Gardener volunteers here in Yakima for this question as I do not have the expertise in growing asparagus. Typically, your question is the type of question that Master Gardeners love to research and provide information on. I know Clark County Extension has a great Master Gardener program, so encourage you to follow up with them as well as digest this response.

" Usually you transplant/plant asparagus in the spring. By then the asparagus stems and leaves are dead, and it is dormant. If you transplant now, it will slow down the growth of the plants. It sounds like they will be moved from a greenhouse to outside , so you should mulch them well to protect the roots. It would be good to move them to a place ,where they can stay, so you will not have to move them again. I cannot find information on storing asparagus roots dry , but the roots are bought at the store dry . You could try to call and ask , where you bought the asparagus roots, to see what they say is best. "

As for some on-line resources, please follow these links: - See planting one-year crowns.

Hope this helps!