Chopping Fodder mats/biscuits

Asked September 19, 2017, 3:36 PM EDT

Good afternoon. I am getting ready to start growing fodder (mats are 18'X6') to feed 20+ beef cattle and could appreciate your insights. In your research have to found effective machines/devices for chopping fodder mats into small portions to limit loss when feeding to cattle? Thank you. Sincerely, Don Zimmerman KZ Farm LLC Columbia Falls, MT 59912 361-946-6055

Flathead County Montana

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Hi Don,

I don't have any experience with feeding fodder. You might wish to visit with the company you got your setup from to see if they have other clients who might be able to help. Good luck on the fodder system!

Rachel Endecott

Good morning Ms. Endecott. Thanks for your response. I have checked with the company and they don't have any insights. I am surprised that no one with your organization has experience with fodder. As soon as my system is up and running I am going to reach out to our local extension office, the community college and the University to see what partnerships can be formed.

Have a wonderful day. Don,, Columbia Falls, MT.