Broccoli pink and eaten leaves

Asked September 19, 2017, 10:33 AM EDT

Hi, some broccoli leaves are turning pink and others are being eaten up. I put Sluggo around the plants, but I don't think it has stopped leaves from getting eaten. I checked the plants and could not find any bug etc. I also have Brussels sprouts, plants are doing good but leaves also have holes. In the same area, swiss chard and spinach look good and are not getting any hole. Any suggestion?

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There are two types of caterpillars that are common problems on broccoli, cabbage lopper and cabbageworms. Keep checking the plants (check underneath the leaves) to see if you find caterpillars and pick them off. There is information about these two pests -- and how to manage them -- on the following pages.

If you can remove the caterpillars, there is still time to put a row cover over the plants to protect them.

The pinkish color may be an indicator of transplant shock. Your soil looks really good and the newer leaves on your plants look healthy. We would recommend watering the plants with a liquid fertilizer such as fish emulsion or seaweed.