I have been losing a lot of my short needle pines that are about 15 years old...

Asked September 19, 2017, 1:19 AM EDT

I have been losing a lot of my short needle pines that are about 15 years old for some reason and I cant figure out why. Any suggestions on how to save the rest?

Morrow County Ohio

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Could you send some pics? It would be good to see the damage, both from a distance and close up. Thank you,

My arborist needs more info photos. He asked for pics of "Whole tree or trees, and photos of the overall area. How many trees total? Are they all scotch pine?"

Yes all short needle Scotch type Pines

I forwarded your info and new photos on to my arborist-consultant. Thank you,

Hi again,
Here is the answer from my arborist consultant and a few more questions and photo requests:
"From those pictures they look like Austrian pines, but can’t tell for sure, but what I am seeing looks like like sphaeropsis tip blight. At least one of the trees is too deep and others look to be in low areas, which could be contributing factors or kill trees on their own. Does water pool around any of them?
Of course, most disease/insect issues are species specific, so species confirmation is critical. Maybe there is a mix of both species. Full images of the best and worst trees would be helpful, but pictures never equate to an on-site inspection/diagnosis.
How long has there been a noticeable problem?"

No standing or pooling water around any of the trees I think one was called in Montana or Dakota pine tree but I can't remember now it's been 16 years. It's been going on for the last three years or so that they've been dying. Is there anyway I can have it OSU Extension agent look at them

I'm sorry; we don't send people out.

Isn't there a Extension agent for Morrow County

You're right - sorry about that. I'm in a different county and our agents don't go out but maybe yours do. Here's the site with contact information:
Good luck.