lawn reseeding and overgrown creeping charlie removal

Asked September 18, 2017, 2:14 PM EDT

This lawn is a shade lawn under Maryland's Champion Ash Tree and a flowering, non-producing fruit (pear?) tree. I need a recommendation for grass type, please, and intend to use an iron rake and hand cultivator and fingers to remove charlie. Should I then use a vinegar, dawn detergent veg oil mixture after remaining, if any charlie foliage remains or should I simply reseed? I have read on one site a recommended overseeding in the fall season ? And whichever you advise should I carefully cultivate with iron rake the soil and remaining grass. Hmm, checking details .. think that covers it. Thanks,

Baltimore Maryland creeping charlie lawn shade lawn

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Creeping charlie, a perennial weed is difficult to control even with herbicides. Here is our page on creeping charlie

It is very difficult to grow grass underneath mature shade trees. There is a lot of competition for moisture and nutrients and the tree usually wins. Also, ash trees are on of the first trees to drop their foliage in the fall and will be difficult to grow grass. The easiest solution is to hand cultivate the creeping charlie and mulch with several inches of mulch out to the dripline of the tree. Keep the mulch away from the trunk. You can continue to handpull the weeds.

Here are our publications on seeding and turf cultivars. In general, for a shady lawn, sow a fine fescue such as hard or sheep fescue. Late summer to early fall is the best time to seed. See our cultivar list
and our publication on overseeding.