What to produce on my 13 acre property along willamatte

Asked September 18, 2017, 10:29 AM EDT

We bought 13 acres at 30738 maple dr, Junction city. At least 6 acres is croppable. We are trying to decide what to produce. I am doing a 1 acre CSA Vegeatable production . We planted Triticale on about 4 acres, and that did not pay for itself. The ground has been under organic production for about 10 years and I plant to keep it that way. Any suggestions would be most helpful

Lane County Oregon

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As you know, this is not an easy question as much depends on your interests and goals, current markets, and the resources/equipment you have at hand or are willing to acquire. If you would like to talk this through and brainstorm, please feel free to give me a call directly.